Check out Adam on the Greetings From Wherever Podcast!

Pull a chair up by the fireside, folks, and listen to me talk about the creative process, the failings of the education system, and writing through a pandemic.

Brian Wolff is a musician in Austin, TX. He and his band, Fair City Fire, have taken the city by storm with their bluesy hard rock. With the pandemic putting everything on hold, Brian has begun podcasting to talk with other creative people to keep the positive energy moving. It seems to be working! He asked me to be on his show, and of course I could not pass up the opportunity to ramble about my creative process and about the inspiration for my novel.

So please check out our interview, which was a lot of fun, and while you’re at it, check out his band, as well as his FREE livestream on Facebook every Wednesday night. That’s right– 30 minutes of FREE live music every Wednesday, a mix of originals and covers. Enjoy!

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