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Preorder At the Trough!

Don’t feel like waiting until May 13 for my debut novel? Pre-orders for At the Trough are available here.

Pre-orders are crucial for a book’s (an author’s) success. Strong pre-order sales show a publisher there is interest in a book. So…are you interested? From the publisher:

In a future where schools have no teachers and no classrooms, Jennifer Calderon is the perfect student. Every day she watches her video modules, plays her edu games, and never misses an answer. Life is comfortable in the Plex, a mile-wide apartment building. Corporations and brand names surround her and satisfy her every want and need.

Then one day, her foul-mouthed, free-spirited, 90’s-kitsch-wearing girlfriend Melody disrupts everything. She introduces her to a cynical, burned-out former teacher, who teaches them the things no longer taught in school. Poetry. Critical thinking. Human connection.

But these lessons draw the attention of EduForce, the massive corporation with a stranglehold on education. When they show how far they are willing to go keep their customers obedient, Jennifer has to decide what is most important to her and how much she is willing to sacrifice for it.

Missed that link above? Here it is again! Pre-orders available May 10.

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