The Book is DONE: The Fire Below the Waves

Everyone knows the story of the sinking of the RMS Titanic.

Or at least, they think they do.

The real reason put Raymond Redstreet in Poplar Creek State Hospital. It sounds insane to insist that the Titanic was sunk by a secret society, using a ritual to summon an undersea monster, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

Poplar Creek State Hospital is where the mad are forgotten. Raymond Redstreet has no friends or family. He carries an old green leather trunk, containing arcane research, an ancient artifact, and six vinyl records, though he will not let anyone see inside.

Click here to learn a little about the history of mental asylums in the United States.

Finally, he opens up to a new psychiatrist, Frank Denk. Raymond tells him that the records in the trunk contain a recorded interview with Eliza Maspeth, a survivor of the Titanic sinking who is also in an asylum. She witnessed members of a secret society called the Astral Society conduct a ritual in the ship’s engine room as they tried to summon a powerful being from the ocean’s depths. But the interview cuts off before Raymond can learn the end of the story, and it spurs him into an obsessive search to find Eliza.

Now an old man in an asylum, Raymond has little time left. A doctor at Poplar Creek named Clive Joy is hell-bent on performing a lobotomy on Raymond. Raymond and Frank team up to escape Joy, to find Eliza, and then to stop the Astral Society from finishing the ritual they began in 1912. If the Astral Society gets the trunk and the artifact inside, a tablet with the words of the ritual, they can gain knowledge that will allow them to dominate the world through mind control. Raymond can only stop them by destroying the trunk, but doing so will mean letting go of all he
holds dear.

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The Fire Below The Waves is a completed cosmic horror novel that is approximately 97,000 words in length. I am actively seeking representation for this work! Please contact Adam at if you would like to know more.