If you could tell your younger self to do one thing differently…

Yes, nearly a year and a half has passed since my previous post. There are two main reasons for this. One, I am terrible at keeping this site updated. I am trying to do better, but I feel that unless have something worth posting, I’m not going to waste anyone’s time, my own included, to post emptiness. Secondly, I have been working hard on my fiction, and “add new post to website” has sat on my to-do list, gathering dust.

Have you ever wondered how your life would be different if you could tell your younger self to make one different choice? Of course you have! Everyone has! Several years ago, I took this idea and it became a short story, one I am incredibly proud of. A high school freshman has a very common assignment– to write a letter to his future self, to be read after high school graduation. But temptation gets the best of him, and he opens the letter early. To his surprise, his older self has written back! The younger and older selves write back and forth to one another, and their correspondence changes the course of both of their lives.

The story took more than five years of submission before finding a home. It was a finalist for the Arcturus Review Fall Fiction Contest. Read it for free here, and leave your comments below!

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  1. Mario

    If I had the chance to I’d go back to 7th and 8th grade and thank my writing teacher for being a great inspiration. Thanks to him I developed my writing skills and was able to freely express myself in writing. Even thought, I can’t spell for my life he taught me that grammar was just a small portion of writing and that the message behind the word was what meant the most. I’d also like to finally beat him in a chess game since we always drew in most our matches. Keep up the hard work sir, just as you taught your first class that 2007, because to teach is a privilege that few have and you sir have earned it.

    I believe we would all like to go back to the past and change a moment or more of our lives. I believe they are mementos to remind us that we are indeed humans and make mistakes. The process of growth is the outcome of mistakes and failures. Were we all perfect we’d be dull creatures bound to live life in a loop of perfection. That still doesn’t mean I wouldn’t go back and play the winning lottery numbers or date that one cute girl I had a crush on. But then again, thanks to those misses I now play the lottery daily and always talk to that one girl I wouldn’t in school.

    Best Wishes Mr.Knight

    Your #1 favorite student

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